Gong Li, don't let Chinese Movies be the next Bollywood

ring ho has just finished the red carpet in Cannes,
is really not too beautiful and domineering! As of this year,
a LOREAL spokesman,
Huang Gong this is under the stars walk the red carpet and proper treatment,
direct clearance! A capital of the public are love! Then the emperor Gong in LOREAL Hotel exclusive interview with bazaar.
Barbara sister: from the first time to attend the Cannes Film Festival,
now has more than 20 years,
what do you think of Gong Li: I feel a little Cannes Film Festival let me very respect is very stick,
they stick to pick the best film in the world,
and Oscar,
the quality of Cannes is more focused on film,
but Oscar is not it is just like Americas own selection,
and not the world,
many viewers confused.
Barbara: what do you think about the Chinese film in this Cannes Film Festival? Gong Li: Im sorry.
I think its really a foreign audience now.
We dont have much interest in Chinese movies,
and our own film market is now like Bollywood,
enjoying ourselves and earning our