The elevator emergency alarm button failed to work yesterday, and problems have been corrected today

ring h,
FM93 provinces 15 road reporter launched the elevator button,
Ling Ling,
news action,
for the discovery of the elevator emergency button after the sound,
the long unanswered questions,
has improved? The reporter found in the field work experience elevator button ,
and after the emergency alarm button rang,
long time no response,
in most cases it is the property sector management issues,
mainly in the lack of staff,
monitoring room personnel responsible for two or more part-time work; management oversight,
security personnel said not heard.
In addition to aging or failure,
the emergency alarm button can lift the sound,
but the control room phone is not sound,
can not be found in time,
it also exposes the property not found in a timely manner,
not to reflect the maintenance unit.
reporters in the provincial capital of Hangzhou,
on 4,
5 small Fang Ting,
8 residential buildings were tested results there are emergency alarm button for four or five minutes no response state of the