Lane Lane Lane in the middle of the night, a panic cry, the boy is a small Tintin risk was broken by his father

ring  9:30,
Ningbo Cixi fire brigade received the alarm,
located in Cixi City Han Shu high school near the rescue.
And when the firefighters rushed to the scene,
the heart quiver! Rushed to the scene,
across the house,
heard the childs hysterical cries,
so that people do not have a surprise.
More people worried that when firefighters saw the time,
only to see a four or five year old children Tintin is a pair of trousers crotch zipper firmly stuck,
and Tintin on permeability of blood.
As soon as the fire officer saw this,
he immediately directed the rescue team to bring the ring cutting tool.
Because the child is fragile,
there can not be a trace of ambiguity,
so the rescue team first brought the same zipper,
simulated rescue,
after a series of simulated rescue.
Firefighters decided by grinding off the middle connection zipper.
With the efforts of the fire brigade and the enthusiastic crowd,
the little boy was finally out of danger.
firefighters learned that the boy was surnamed Yang,