Four questions how to prescribe a good prescription for patient satisfaction

ring waves of hot incidents have brought public attention to the medical field to new heights.
What issues do these hot issues reflect? How to prescribe the right medicine? 1 Q: Xunyiwenyao for help? Less than a year old,
Xiao Bao suddenly in the middle of the night fever to 38.
5 degrees Celsius,
hoarse voice.
Shall I take it to the hospital? How should the hospital be taken care of and treated? Mother side Baidu,
while the children posted a fever posted,
Dad flustered to acquaintances friends call consultation.
Nanchang citizen Liu Xiaochu mother met Andy was born after the first time have a fever,
only in the Internet search and every two hours once a body temperature of the panic spent the night.
First Baidu,
and then find acquaintances,
and finally went straight to the big hospital.
Its the three step for many young people like Liu Xiao after their family has fallen ill.
Liu Xiao stayed in the United States.
She was impressed by the family doctor there.
Her family was not feeling well.
First of