Ampquot entertainment Ampquot available textbooks and 30 big talk you want dry cargo in here

ring tertainment signals! Chinas second major and second interesting Chinese entertainment media (no way,
advertising law does not let us say first),
Tencent entertainment essence reported paper out of the street! Scatter flowers! Recently,
the Tencent entertainment collection channel internal column of the same title of the excellent works,
for the first time launched your circle,
cover characters,
film content and director Park four new books.
About star,
those things,
insight into the industry,
about the rules and the unspoken rules,
you want dry goods,
we have prepared.
It can be said,
read the four books,
read the whole entertainment circle.
Huang Xiaoming,
baby show,
Song Zhongji,
the red secret,
we all master! Is that entertainment is the Star reported eating and sleeping,
all kinds of lace news and anecdotes? Your circle may change your definition of the entertainment news fast food as the industrys premier in-depth investigative reporting column.
Song Zhongji,
Kim Su Hyon,