Gong Li, don't let Chinese Movies be the next Bollywood

ring ho has just finished the red carpet in Cannes,
is really not too beautiful and domineering! As of this year,
a LOREAL spokesman,
Huang Gong this is under the stars walk the red carpet and proper treatment,
direct clearance! A capital of the public are love! Then the emperor Gong in LOREAL Hotel exclusive interview with bazaar.
Barbara sister: from the first time to attend the Cannes Film Festival,
now has more than 20 years,
what do you think of Gong Li: I feel a little Cannes Film Festival let me very respect is very stick,
they stick to pick the best film in the world,
and Oscar,
the quality of Cannes is more focused on film,
but Oscar is not it is just like Americas own selection,
and not the world,
many viewers confused.
Barbara: what do you think about the Chinese film in this Cannes Film Festival? Gong Li: Im sorry.
I think its really a foreign audience now.
We dont have much interest in Chinese movies,
and our own film market is now like Bollywood,
enjoying ourselves and earning our

Laugh and cry. If these App are less routine and more sincere, their copywriting will be like this

ring pp ads copy,
tell you the truth.
What would that be like? Sina micro-blog --------------------------- we found new idiot whenever and wherever possible! Baidu map --------------------------- print car to Piedmont Road,
as long as you are not using Baidu.
We China NetEase news --------------------------- doggerel poet --------------------------- alliance Taobao mobile phone you pay after the first landing of the app mobile phone Baidu --------------------------- we use Baidu Search,
check is not connected to the internet.
We --------------------------- Tencent news every piece of news is a we know almost --------------------------- immigration advertising Xie invited to share with the world,
please you pretend.
We --------------------------- watercress psychotic corner of us.
We --------------------------- Tianya only a monthly salary of 2W more than 985 of white-collar workers are eligible to sign first-tier cities.
We have --------------------------- unfamiliar street fr

ring he mobile phone photography,
ranking first in domestic mobile phone photography learning platform of the excellent post treatment often,
leaving no trace of like nature itself,
and not too late for the mobile phone photography photos,
but through post processing,
reducing photo color,
make the picture look more real,
maybe you know on the later and the later methods are not correct.
Mobile phone photography late lesson,
Professor Yang will teach the basic theory of mobile photography,
the late APP operations,
post-processing ideas,
special post-processing skills,
as well as Yang private late skills.
You click the zoom view of curriculum content the teacher: Yang Jingkun 90 mobile phone mobile phone photography photography senior game player trainer wrote mobile phone e-book Photography Book photography magazine manuscripts author content: commonly used late APP and operation of post-processing based method,
the principle of double exposure treatment late late late synthesis private

Ampquot entertainment Ampquot available textbooks and 30 big talk you want dry cargo in here

ring tertainment signals! Chinas second major and second interesting Chinese entertainment media (no way,
advertising law does not let us say first),
Tencent entertainment essence reported paper out of the street! Scatter flowers! Recently,
the Tencent entertainment collection channel internal column of the same title of the excellent works,
for the first time launched your circle,
cover characters,
film content and director Park four new books.
About star,
those things,
insight into the industry,
about the rules and the unspoken rules,
you want dry goods,
we have prepared.
It can be said,
read the four books,
read the whole entertainment circle.
Huang Xiaoming,
baby show,
Song Zhongji,
the red secret,
we all master! Is that entertainment is the Star reported eating and sleeping,
all kinds of lace news and anecdotes? Your circle may change your definition of the entertainment news fast food as the industrys premier in-depth investigative reporting column.
Song Zhongji,
Kim Su Hyon,

The elevator emergency alarm button failed to work yesterday, and problems have been corrected today

ring h,
FM93 provinces 15 road reporter launched the elevator button,
Ling Ling,
news action,
for the discovery of the elevator emergency button after the sound,
the long unanswered questions,
has improved? The reporter found in the field work experience elevator button ,
and after the emergency alarm button rang,
long time no response,
in most cases it is the property sector management issues,
mainly in the lack of staff,
monitoring room personnel responsible for two or more part-time work; management oversight,
security personnel said not heard.
In addition to aging or failure,
the emergency alarm button can lift the sound,
but the control room phone is not sound,
can not be found in time,
it also exposes the property not found in a timely manner,
not to reflect the maintenance unit.
reporters in the provincial capital of Hangzhou,
on 4,
5 small Fang Ting,
8 residential buildings were tested results there are emergency alarm button for four or five minutes no response state of the

Lane Lane Lane in the middle of the night, a panic cry, the boy is a small Tintin risk was broken by his father

ring  9:30,
Ningbo Cixi fire brigade received the alarm,
located in Cixi City Han Shu high school near the rescue.
And when the firefighters rushed to the scene,
the heart quiver! Rushed to the scene,
across the house,
heard the childs hysterical cries,
so that people do not have a surprise.
More people worried that when firefighters saw the time,
only to see a four or five year old children Tintin is a pair of trousers crotch zipper firmly stuck,
and Tintin on permeability of blood.
As soon as the fire officer saw this,
he immediately directed the rescue team to bring the ring cutting tool.
Because the child is fragile,
there can not be a trace of ambiguity,
so the rescue team first brought the same zipper,
simulated rescue,
after a series of simulated rescue.
Firefighters decided by grinding off the middle connection zipper.
With the efforts of the fire brigade and the enthusiastic crowd,
the little boy was finally out of danger.
firefighters learned that the boy was surnamed Yang,

Four questions how to prescribe a good prescription for patient satisfaction

ring waves of hot incidents have brought public attention to the medical field to new heights.
What issues do these hot issues reflect? How to prescribe the right medicine? 1 Q: Xunyiwenyao for help? Less than a year old,
Xiao Bao suddenly in the middle of the night fever to 38.
5 degrees Celsius,
hoarse voice.
Shall I take it to the hospital? How should the hospital be taken care of and treated? Mother side Baidu,
while the children posted a fever posted,
Dad flustered to acquaintances friends call consultation.
Nanchang citizen Liu Xiaochu mother met Andy was born after the first time have a fever,
only in the Internet search and every two hours once a body temperature of the panic spent the night.
First Baidu,
and then find acquaintances,
and finally went straight to the big hospital.
Its the three step for many young people like Liu Xiao after their family has fallen ill.
Liu Xiao stayed in the United States.
She was impressed by the family doctor there.
Her family was not feeling well.
First of